U.S. Taxable Fixed Income


We believe that consistent performance is the key to achieving quality long-term results for our clients. Fixed income accounts are managed in a disciplined, risk-averse approach, emphasizing a short-intermediate term portfolio of taxable high grade securities. A Fixed Income Portfolio emphasizes liquidity, safety and yield.   It is for investors who want security and income from a high quality portfolio and protection from rising interest rates that could negatively impact a longer maturity portfolio.

The portfolio focuses on the short-intermediate sector of the U.S. Government Yield Curve. The fixed income portfolio minimizes risk by selecting AAA U.S. Government Treasury, Agency, GSE and Mortgage Backed securities and diversifying these amongst issuers. The bonds are screened on maturity, yield and relative value. A portfolio is constructed in a strategic maturity approach with an average duration of approximately 1-5 years. Portfolios have a high degree of liquidity, however; principal may fluctuate due to market conditions.

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