Investment Philosophy


MPI Investment Management is proud of its conservative investment philosophy.  We strive to provide a high quality, long term investment approach for our clients utilizing time-tested and reliable investment strategies and vehicles. 

Our Fixed Income accounts invest primarily in short to intermediate maturity taxable or tax-free government issued bonds.  We place a strong emphasis on diversification and minimization of  interest rate risk.  This strategy seeks to provide competitive, tax efficient income for our clients while at the same time providing high liquidity, safety and preservation of capital.

MPI's equity strategies, Total Return and Dividend Income, employ the same high quality investment philosophy as do our fixed income portfolios. The key to our success lies in our non-emotional, disciplined approach that spreads risk across multiple asset classes with broad global diversification.   Equity portfolios emphasize income generating stocks that also possess both attractive valuations as well as above market growth prospects.

We believe a clear understanding of our client’s financial condition and long-term objectives are vital in making prudent investment decisions. That’s why MPI Investment Management makes client interaction a cornerstone of its investment process.

Balanced portfolios utilize a blend of our Fixed income and Equity strategies and are based on person client goals and objectives.

MPI’s conservative approach has allowed us to effectively manage market and credit risks in our portfolios. Our fixed income, equity, and balanced portfolios are constructed to mitigate the unpredictability of the financial markets, and thus produce consistent returns over the long term.