Public Pension & Corporate Retirement

MPI manages several public pension and corporate retirement accounts.

Each of our public pension and corporate retirement clients has a unique investment objective and regulatory mandate. Our conservative, high-quality approach is highly customizable. As such, our portfolios can easily account for the unique cash flow, risk tolerance and regulatory environment that exist.

What can public pension and corporate retirement account clients expect from MPI Investment Management?

Dedicated Client Service
MPI Investment Management never forgets that without our clients, we would cease to exist. Wiith that in mind, we strive to offer clients the most responsive, thoughtful account servicing possible. MPI has no gatekeepers answering phones and taking messages - when our clients call, an equity partner answers. And because we have a limited roster of high-quality clients, we are deeply aware of their unique needs and investment objectives.

Consistent, Long-Term Results
Unlike other firms that have a revolving door of analysts and managers, our management team has been in place since 1992. Our long-term record truly belongs to us - not just the firm. Our returns are the result of following the same conservative investment philosophy that has been in place since our founding in 1986.

Our Experience
MPI Investment Management's portfolio managers have decades of investment experience, with solid long-term records in both good markets and bad. MPI's investment management team provides the stability and consistency our clients demand.

For more information about the services we offer public pension funds, please contact us.