Not For Profit Organizations

MPI Investment Management has long experience customizing high quality investment strategies for Not for Profit Organizations.

Not for profit organizations serve a social good, and thus every dollar is important. Our portfolio managers understand this reality, and thus create conservative investment products that preserve capital while offering a steady stream of cash flow.

Our not for profit clients benefit from MPI Investment Management's expertise in conservative fixed income and equity portfolio management:

Client Service
At MPI Investment Management, an equity partners will always answer the phone. Because we are a small, boutique investment manager, we have a limited roster of high-quality clients. We are intimately familiar with the unique needs and goals of our clients, and are always ready to assist with any question or concern.

Our Experience
MPI Investment Management's investment management team has decades of investment experience, with solid long-term records in good markets and bad. We provide both stability and consistency for our clients.

Our Record
Since our launch in 1986, MPI Investment Management has followed a highly conservative investment process ad philosophy. Because we have a management team that has been in place since 1992, when we speak about our solid long-term record, it is a record that truly belongs to us, not simply the firm.

For more information about the services we offer small business and corporate clients, please contact us.