Insurance Companies & Banks

MPI Investment Management several insurance company and bank accounts.

Our insurance company and bank clients come to us because their investment objectives must be in compliance with their insurance industry's stringent regulatory environment. MPI helps clients to manage their investment objectives and industry-specific cash flow needs using our conservative, high-quality approach. We offer our insurance company and bank clients:

A Consistent Long-Term Record
Since 1986, MPI Investment Management has followed a conservative investment philosophy. With a management team that has been in place since 1992, we can speak confidently about our consistent long-term results for clients.

Our Experience
MPI Investment Management's portfolio managers have decades of investment experience, with a consistent records in both good markets and bad. Our portfolio management team strives for stability and consistency for our clients.

First-Class Client Service
At MPI Investment Management, there are no gatekeepers screening calls and taking messages. Call, and an equity partner will answer. Because we have a limited roster of high-quality clients, we are intimately familiar with their unique needs and investment objectives.

For more information about the services we offer insurance companies and banks, please contact us.