Investment Objective

The portfolio’s objective is to achieve market level returns at below market levels of risk.  The portfolio achieves this by investing primarily in companies that provide a significant portion of their total return from dividend distributions. Companies favored are large cap with strong balance sheets and a consistent history of paying and growing dividends.

Investment Philosophy and Approach

MPI's Dividend Equity strategy emphasizes income, safety and liquidity.  The strategy's philosophy is simply that high quality, large capitalized companies with a strong earnings and dividend growth history can provide above market income and price appreciation at lower levels of volatility than the overall stock market.  The portfolio screens for market cap, dividend history, yield and debt. 

Equities that pass the initial screens are than sorted by yield and segregated by sector.  MPI portfolio managers then create a portfolio that either matches, underweights or overweights the industry sectors utilized by the S&P 500.  Critical focus is placed on interest rate and yield curve analysis to determine what point in the business/interest rate cycle the economy is in to determine which industry groups/sectors will be over-weighted or underweighted..